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We've developed an ecosystem of products and services that emphasize trust while building a bridge from the digital world to the physical. From new startups seasoned businesses, our turnkey solutions provide the blueprint to build your business brilliantly. Explore what the NeoVerse has to offer...

Make digital and physical worlds collide

Experiential Living with Spatial Computing

Augmented Reality transforms the world around us by adding layers of immersive content and engaging interactions. We offer a wide range of applications that drive engagement, establish brand loyalty, and boost consumer awareness through customizable AR-interactions.

Augment Your World

Innovation Through

Evolving Experiences Through
Spatial Computing

Transparency & Trust with Blockchain Technology

Develop an authentic bond with consumers

Blockchain technology provides the distributed network strength that facilitates transparency and trust for supply chain management. Our proprietary protocol, NeoTrust, removes vulnerable central authorities and authenticates the transfer of digital assets through the use of public and private key encryption.

Open NeoTrust


Building Trust, Loyalty, and Authenticity

A Creative Coworking Community

Join the rising tide through collaboration

Coworking spaces have changed the way we all work forever. Together, we succeed by creating an environment of shared resources and collaboration. One of the most important parts of the NeoVerse is our collaborative workspace Neoware Studios. Located in Oviedo, Florida, the space is a home to many companies working together to further their goals.

Visit Neoware Studios

Neoware Studios

Success Through Collaboration

Journey into the NeoVerse

As the next wave of emerging tech comes crashing down onto businesses across the globe, Neoware launches new and existing businesses ahead of the curve by cultivating an environment of plug-and-play solutions in the fields of augmented reality, blockchain technology, and collaborative working.

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How Blockchain Is Changing Verification

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Spatial Computing: Bringing Back Retail

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